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FaderPort Classic - How do I set up the FaderPort Classic in Logic as a HUI device

This article applies to this model FaderPort:


How do I set up my FaderPort Classic in Apple Logic/Logic Express as a HUI device?


1. Go to Logic > Control Surfaces > Setup


2. In the Setup window, go to New > Install… Select  Mackie HUI from the list of control surfaces and click “Add”. Close the device list window.



3. In the Setup window, you will now see HUI device in the Inspector menu to the left. You may need to press i to Show the Inspector



4. Set the Out Port to “FaderPort and the Input to “FaderPort”



This is how the configured Faderport should appear when set up as a HUI device


 You may also find that the Punch button in the Transport section will get into a repeating loop when used in HUI mode. This has to do with how Logic has the HUI control template defined, but the setting (Key Repeat) can be turned off.

You must turn Key Repeat off for the Quick Punch command, which is done in the Expert View mode of Control Surface Preferences, by choosing Logic Pro > Preferences > Control Surfaces > Controller Assignments (or use Command-K), and click the Expert View button, and then choose Transport > Quick Punch, and un-check Key Repeat.


Refer to Logic's Control Surfaces Support manual for more detailed info:

Close the Control Surface setup window. Your FaderPort Classic is now ready to use. Enjoy!!

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