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Why do my faders not work correctly after using Mardi Gras mode?

After running Mardi Gras mode, the CS18 faders don't move when they're moved in UC Surface. Why is that?

Mardi Gras mode, found on the CS18's Utilities menu, is intended only as a test mode for the CS18 moving faders, RGB buttons, LCD scribble strips, and LED meters. It was not intended as a demo mode that can entered and exited during normal usage, as the fader test modes leave the CS18AI faders only partially operational, requiring a reboot of the CS18AI in order to return to normal function.

As noted in section 2.5 Powering and Testing the CS18AI, pg. 14 of the CS18AI users manual:

IMPORTANT: The StudioLive CS18AI should be disconnected from your RM
mixer or computer running Studio One while performing these tests. When
testing is complete, power cycle (power off and then on) your unit.

If Mardi Gras mode has been activated and you find that the CS18AI faders are not responding to fader movements in UC Surface, you should power the CS18AI off and back on to restore full functionality. We do not recommend activating Mardi Gras mode in any situation where the CS18AI can not be power cycled after exiting Mardi Gras mode.

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