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What resources are available to understand more about AVB Technology in general?

Several Resources listed below are available to understand how AVB technology works.

It is important to note that as AVB is still a relatively new technology, and because the AVB standards have not yet been fully ratified, each manufacturer's current implementation of AVB may be specific to the AVB capable hardware that they make, and so interoperability between manufacturers is not a given at this time.

Currently, PreSonus AVB enabled products are interoperable with each other, but we don't currently support AVB compatibility with all AVB products from all other manufacturers. As AVB evolves and standardizes, this greater interoperability should become possible, since AVB is an open standard being defined by the IEEE and the AvNu Alliance for the express purpose of having a well defined and open technology platform on which companies can build products that can interoperate across a mixed manufacturer ecosystem.

You can read more and get more information about AVB from these excellent resources:

General overview information -

Excellent White Paper -

Information and Video describing AVB technology -

AvNu Alliance website and informational resources:


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