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Studio One+ pricing updates coming September 1, 2023

On September 1, 2023 we’re updating pricing on Studio One+ subscription plans for new members and reactivated sign-ups.


All active members – and anyone who signs up for a Studio One+ subscription plan by August 31, 2023 – will maintain the current standard pricing of $14.95/month or $164.95/year for as long as their Studio One+ membership is active. 


For all new members and reactivations of lapsed or canceled memberships, we are changing the price of our monthly and annual Studio One+ subscription plans as follows:



If you are currently on an offer, your promotional pricing will continue through the end of the promotional period. You will then be eligible to keep the current standard monthly or annual pricing listed above for as long as your Studio One+ membership is active.


To sign up for Studio One+ visit, or to manage your subscription plan, log into your MyPreSonus account.

Learn more about all that’s included in Studio One+ at



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