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Error message stating that Studio One+ has expired

If you run into an error that says that Studio One+ is expired, and you are certain that you did not cancel your account, or stop or miss a payment, please follow the instructions below:


***Please make sure that the date on your computer is correct.


Windows 10:

Please go into C:\ProgramData\PreSonus\Subscription and delete your subscription.license file.  You can then re-open Studio One 6 and activate once more.  Here is an article from Microsoft with instructions on showing hidden files and folders, being that "Program Data" is a hidden folder.



Go into Macintosh HD (Your system drive)/Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/PreSonus/Subscription and delete the subscription.license file. You can then re-open Studio One 6 and activate once more.


***Please note:  We have seen the license call to our server be blocked by the Windows firewall or a 3rd-party firewall.  If you uninstall Studio One, this will remove the firewall entries.  When you re-install, you will be prompted to allow access.  Please do so.

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