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StudioLive Series III Scene and Preset Recall Filters

You may have noticed when on the Scene menu that you have a number of Scene Recall Filters.

Recall Filters are used control what type of parameters are recalled when you load a Scene. 

When you save a scene, all settings for all channels and buses on the mixer are always saved to the Scene, with only a few exceptions for things like System settings. It's only on recall that you have control of what loads, using the Recall Filters.

If a Recall Filter is off (not highlighted blue), then that parameter category will not recall with the Scene. If it's on (highlighted blue), then that parameter category will recall with the Scene.

The general rule is that for any mixer setting for channels and buses that is not explicitly covered by a Recall Filter, you should expect it to always recall.

Here is a list of the Recall Filters and what will be recalled with a Scene when they're turned on: 

  • Name: Channel name
  • Preamps: Channel Preamp level
  • FX: FX Processor Type and Settings
  • GEQ: Output Bus GEQ assignments and GEQ settings
  • Input EQ/Dyn: Fat Channel settings for the Input channels
  • Output EQ/Dyn: Fat Channel settings for the Output buses
  • Aux Mix: Send levels for channels and buses in Aux mixes and Matrix mixes, including FX mixes
  • Faders: Main Mix fader levels (Aux mix fader levels are covered by the Aux Mix filter)
  • Assigns: Bus assignments of Channels (to Main, to Subgroups) and Subgroups (to Main)
  • +48v: 48v phantom power on channels
  • Mutes: Channel Mutes in the Main Mix and Channel Send Mutes in the Aux/Matrix mixes
  • DCA Groups: All DCA Group settings (Group name, channels in Group, Group Master level in each mix)
  • Mute Groups: Mute Group names, Mute Group on/off state, Channels in Mute Group
  • User Layer: Setup/layout of the User Layer
  • Digital Patch (Firmware 1.7+):  Input/Output digital soft patching (not AVB Stream I/O).

Again, the rule of thumb is, if you don't see something explicitly covered by a Recall Filter, then you should assume that it always recalls.

For instance, some things that will always recall with a Scene are:

  • Flex Mix mode (Aux/Sub/Matrix mode)
  • Panning of channels in stereo buses and panning of buses (Subs in Main, other buses in a stereo Matrix)
  • Channel Type
  • Channel and Bus Solo
  • Talkback assignments
  • Input Source for Channels and Buses
  • etc.

Then there are as mentioned a number of System settings and certain mixer settings that do not save and recall with a scene.

This would be things like LED brightness, meter Peak Hold, Network mode and IP info, Phones and Monitor sources, Solo modes, Audio Routing, etc. These would be things one might consider "mixer setup and preference configuration" that's not meant to change from scene to scene.

 Also worth noting is that there are similar Recall Filters for individual Channel Preset loading.

 You of course have the normal simple Channel Preset Recall Filters for Gate, Comp, and EQ, but on the Series III mixers, you also have a whole host of Advanced Recall Filters as well (pg. 56 in the Owner's manual). You can actually save and recall just about every setting on a channel with a Channel Preset:

  • Preamp
  • 48v
  • Polarity
  • Pan
  • Channel Type
  • Channel Name
  • Bus Assignments
  • Mutes
  • Aux/FX Send/Pan
  • Faders
  • Select Button Color


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