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UC Surface 2.0 - Scene Save/Recall

Saving Scenes in UC Surface:


1. Press the Scenes (Scn) button on the Right hand side > and Press the Presets button:




2. To save a Scene to your mixer's internal memory, select a Scene memory slot under the "Mixer" section and then press the Store button on the left hand side. This Scene can be recalled from either UC Surface or from the Mixer directly, from its Scene menu.


To save a Scene to the local storage of your UC Surface Device, click in the empty space of the "Local" section and then press the Store button on the left hand side:





3.  Name the Scene you wish to save and hit the "Ok" button to save the changes:





Power User Tip: When a Scene is stored to your Local storage on a computer, you can find the scene located in: 

[user]\Documents\Presonus\StudioLive AI\Library\Presets\Scene


NOTE:  On iOS devices, scene files are not directly accessible in the file system, and are instead stored in the application storage itself (which can be access through iTunes). Deleting the UC Surface application will delete any locally saved scenes on that iOS device.  We suggest when saving local memory on your iPad, you will want to reproduce the same local save function on a Mac/PC computer - these scenes do not delete when uninstalling and reinstalling UC Surface on the PC/Mac platform.




Copying Scenes from Mixer to Local Storage:


You can copy Scenes from the Mixer's Scene memory to your UC Surface Device's Local storage by selecting the scene in the "Mixer" section and pressing the > right arrow. 





The selected Scene will be copied to the Local scene Memory.  

You can copy all Scenes in Mixer memory to Local Device storage by pressing the "Sync All" button (beside the "Zero Out Board Reset" scene).



Loading Scenes in UC Surface:


1. From the Scene Menu view, select your desired Scene and press the "Recall" button.




NOTE: When a Scene is saved, it always saves all information and settings in the Scene. When you Load the scene, you have the ability to selectively recall certain parameter groups using the Scene Recall Filters. The Recall Filters apply to both Mix Scenes from the Quick Recall view and to Named User Scenes recalled from the Scene Menu. 


Recall list options on StudioLive AI mixers and StudioLive Series III mixers are discussed in more detail in the Software Library Reference Manual listed on our UC Surface downloads page.  

* All options that are recalled must be illuminated blue.



Recall list options for StudioLive AI Console and Rack Mount Mixers (Preamp and DCA recall are for Rack Mount only):




Recall list Options for StudioLive Series III mixers:





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