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Installing the Arturia Analog Lab plug-in that comes with the StudioMagic Plug-In Suite

The following information explains the process for registering the Arturia Analog Lab plug-in on Arturia's site and activating it for use within Studio One 3.  The Arturia Analog Lab plug-in comes with the StudioMagic Plug-In Suite.


*If you are running the "Artist" version of Studio One 3, you must be upgraded to version 3.3.4 or higher in order to use the plug-in.  The Arturia Analog Lab plug-in will not work with the OEM version of Studio One 3 Artist.


1.  You can find your codes for Arturia Analog Lab plug-in inside of your account.  It is under My Products>Add-ons, once you are logged into your account. Below is a screenshot:


If your product key is formatted with two codes separate by a bar, the first code is your product key and the code after the bar is your unlock key.


2.  Once you click the "Download" link in your account, you will be taken to the following page on Arturia's web site, which explains the registration, installation, and activation process completely.


3.  Once installed, you will find the Arturia Analog Lab virtual instrument under the "Instruments" tab in the Browser window of Studio One.  Below is a screenshot.




If you have any problems with the installation, registration, or activation of the Arturia Analog Lab, you will want to reach out to Arturia's support team.


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