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Inside Sales June 14, 2013 Studio One v2 / Getting Started

New Customers: BEFORE INSTALLING ANY SOFTWARE! Please make sure your computer meets or exceeds the current minimum system requirements.

StudioOne Version 2 Specifications

1. Create a PreSonus User Account on our website:

2. Check your email inbox for a Registration email from us. Click on the "User Account Activation" link in that message. NOTE: if you don't see any emails from in your Inbox, check your SPAM or Junk Mail folder(s). You must activate your user account before you will be able to access the user account.

3. Click on "Register New Software" (link is in blue), a field option will appear below the link, and enter the 28-Digit Product Key from the inner trifold panel of the Studio One disc case for those who purchased a hardware device of ours that Studio One software came bundled with, or for customers who purchased an online copy of Studio One, check your email receipt for the 28-Digit Product Key. For some in-store purchases, there are various Dealers who will provide the 28-Digit Product Key on the sales receipt at the point-of-sale.

4. The 28-Digit Product Key will appear in the following format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (where "X" can be either a letter or number).

NOTE: There are no zero's (0) or one's (1) in Studio One Product Keys. If you encounter a digit that resembles either, it will be a lower-case "O" (Oscar) or a lower-case "L" (Lima). Entering a zero (0) or one (1) or not including the dashes (-) after every 4th digit will yield an error message from the registration server stating: "Product Key Invalid".

5. Once you have correctly entered the 28-Digit Product Key and clicked on "Register" to redeem this registration, the newly registered software should then show up in the list below. Then click on the link entitled "see more details". The installer for your Operating System should be the first button available. Alternately you can click on the Installers tab below to view all the available installers available for the version of software you have just registered.

[Watch the Video] User Account Creation

Proceed to: [2] Software Install

Gary Jan 22 Announcements


Seeing issues with Capture 2 on your OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion?





Recently, we have seen Capture 2 suddenly no longer working with Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.5

- We appreciate everyone's feedback as we quickly worked to pinpoint its causation.


The origins of this recent inoperability between Capture 2 and OSX 10.8 have been identified and confirmed. The source of this sudden change is directly related to the most recent OSX 10.8.5 update. As part of this update, Apple made some significant changes to their Gatekeeper Security (this issue did not exist in prior to the recent 10.8.5 maintenance releases). [OSX 10.9 Mavericks and OSX 10.10 Yosemite have not been effected.]


Good News! There is a fix for current users of OSX 10.8.5 Mountain Lion.


 THE FIX: Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. Unlock with password. Check “Anywhere” for “Allow apps downloaded from:” Then launch Capture. The security setting can then be switched back if desired. Once these setting have been changed, prior to relaunching Capture 2 again for the first time. The problem will not occur. 



*the next update to Capture 2 will address this issue and the changes to Gatekeeper will not be necessary

Technical Support Jan 8 Presonus Firestudio Family (Non- StudioLive Board) / Firestudio Family

The adapter does not provide enough power for the FireStudio Mobile to work properly. You must use the external power supply.

The Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter can provide up to 7W of power to devices that are attached by FireWire. This will provide only enough power for the FireStudio Mobile's power light to come on and the audio interface may not function properly. This would affect audio playback, recording, and 48V ( Phantom power for microphones ) functions.

Note: If your issue can't be relieved after connecting the external power supply then perhaps you need to check the FireWire cable that connects the FireStudio Mobile to the Thunderbolt adapter's FireWire 800 port. The following article explains proper FireWire S800 to S400 connectivity:

External links:
Apple Thunderbolt Adapters: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Technical Support Jan 6 AudioBox Family / AudioBox i-Series

Your MIDI keyboard may have a setting that will correct this. Some MIDI keyboards have an external clock setting that must be set to ON to allow the keyboard to receive a MIDI clock source from the iTwo. This is common in certain Yamaha keyboards that have been reported to be problematic when used with the iTwo. If you are experiencing latency or drop outs then you should see if your keyboard has an external clock setting.

The step by step procedure for enabling the external clock source will vary by manufacturer and model. Please check your keyboard manufacturer's documentation for guidance.

Alex Tinsley December 30, 2014 Studio One v2 / Common Solutions

A couple of questions we are getting a lot lately:

Where are the software discs?
Where is the product key for my software that came with my AudioBox?

The answer is that there are no discs in the box for the following products:

  • AudioBox USB Black Edition 
  • AudioBox USB Black Edition with Mac Mini Bundle
  • Music Creation Suite
  • AudioBox iOne 
  • AudioBox iTwo
  • StudioLive RM16 Ai
  • StudioLive RM32 Ai

The problem we were running into with discs in the box is time itself. Over time as system requirements change and new updates are made available. These original versions if installed on newer systems can be problematic for the customer experience. This is a problem is not unique to just PreSonus. 

We instead wanted to be able to provide you, our customer with the latest release at the time of new product registration. This ensures that you'll get the latest release not only during first registration, but when you come back for updates, or need to reinstall on a different computer system (perhaps after a system change). 

Upon opening the box is a plastic bag with instructions and a registration card with instructions on how to register (or access) or your PreSonus account. Upon completion of registering your hardware product in your My Presonus account, the software bundle that comes with your product will automatically register to your account. 

At this point you can then download, install and activate your new software. You can follow the getting started tutorials that we have created to walk you through this process. We are in the process of re-authoring some of these tutorials for the changes to the registration process. 

We do have some older products that do not have this feature, so make sure you pick the correct device in the registration product list. If you think you've made a mistake, log a support ticket at so we can assist with getting you setup with the correct registration. 

We hope this clears up any confusion. 


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