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Faderport - 1.2 installer

If you are having trouble getting the Faderport to work in your DAW software, you can try downloading and running the 1.2 installer and firmware updater for your system.

NOTE:  A firmware update for the Faderport must be completed with USB 2.0 ports that have no USB 3.0 controllers, and on a Mac or PC.  No other MIDI related devices (interfaces with MIDI or even control surfaces) must be noted as connected in Audio MIDI setup (Mac) or in your Device Manager (PC).  If you are not seeing the lights "blink" on the firmware update steps, note that regressions in firmware versions can cause this to happen.  The device should update regardless of what is seen in the Faderport itself.

*Note: On Mac OSX, the zip file unpacks to a file named PreSonus FaderPort Installer v1.3.3.mpkg. This is the correct installer.

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