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Studio One - How can I get effects like reverb and delay in my Cue Mix?

Bob Landry
posted this on August 13, 2010, 3:17 PM

  1. Set up a Cue Mix output.
  2. Record-enable and monitor-enable the track.
  3. Engage the Zero Latency button on the Cue Mix object. This enables zero-latency monitoring straight from the hardware (as opposed to monitoring through software) for that channel in the Cue Mix.
  4. Create a Send on the channel to an FX Channel with your favorite reverb effect.
  5. The musician monitoring through that Cue Mix outputs will now hear the live, zero-latency input from the hardware, as well as the rest of the cue mix, including the output of the reverb.
  6. Adjust the level of the input and other channels in the Cue Mix to the musician’s liking, and you’re ready to record.
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